Michael Pierro, Owner and Dan Cartwright, General Manager are shown with the N.Y. State Legislative Resolution honoring 95 Years of  Mineo & Sapio Italian Sausage in Buffalo N.Y.


Our thanks to Senator Timothy Kennedy who

introduced the Resolution in the New York State

Senate honoring our 95th Anniversary and for supporting small business in New York State !

Mike Pierro owner

of Mineo & Sapio

Italian Sausage,

accepting award for

Best Sausage

at the 2015 Galbani Italian Heritage Festival in Buffalo New York


                                    For  95  years,  family,  tradition  and  a  deep  passion for  our  products have

                                    been  the cornerstone  of  our business.   We proudly continue  the practices

                                    established by John Mineo when he opened his  neighborhood meat market

                                    in Buffalo, New York.  Product consistency has always been paramount,  and

                                        we adhere to very strict manufacturing and quality control processes in all of our procedures.   Since 1920, we have been creating great tasting, locally made Italian Sausage!


At  Mineo & Sapio Italian Sausage, we offer the original recipes created by Mr. Mineo.  Although planted firmly in tradition, we are always listening to our customers and routinely create products developed to meet the demands of ever changing consumer markets. Our Connecticut Street store also serves as beta-test market for our innovative creations. To meet the requests of healthy choice customers we now manufacture a full line of low-fat chicken products, and they taste delicious!


As a Federally inspected, fully USDA certified establishment, all products produced and packaged by Mineo & Sapio Italian Sausage are in compliance with Federal and USDA standards. This designation authorizes Mineo & Sapio to sell its products to restaurants, retail establishments, through wholesale channels, and across state lines.


Although not mandatory to conduct business, companies that choose to earn Federal certification must adhere to strict mandates.  Our manufacturing processes and recipes are held to these exacting standards.  Our sausage is  leaner than other brands, we add less water and exceed USDA mandated margins.


Mineo & Sapio is proud to continue its 95 year legacy as Buffalo’s Finest Italian Sausage: A locally made Western New York Tradition for 95 years!  Look for our distinctive checkerboard label, and find us in restaurants, retail stores, online, or at our quaint west side shop!

A Western New York Tradition Since 1920


Mineo & Sapio Italian Sausage   •  410 Connecticut Street   •   Buffalo, New York  14213   •   Phone: 716.884.2398   •   Toll Free: 877.417.2398   •   E-mail: minsap@aol.com

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